I'm Jane Boyd.

I host face to face & virtual conversations, build online community, facilitate workshops & strategic planning retreats and lead projects that create positive change. I serve entrepreneurs, educators, communities & the business sector.

As an entrepreneur, writer and educator, I'm committed to making a difference in the world by living, laughing & earning - with generosity & intention as my guide.

Founder & CEO 45 Conversations

I help communities & employers develop successful early childhood education, early learning and child care solutions. Through 45 Conversations, I specialize in developing high quality, innovative programs and services to address early childhood education, early learning and child care solutions. With more than 25 years of workplace and community early learning and child care experience I am skilled at addressing the most complex situations.  I have been licensed to work in 4 Canadian Provinces and have developed Montessori, Fine Arts, Blended Philosophy and Traditional ECE programs. I also have significant experience supporting children with extra needs. To learn more about 45 Conversations click on the picture to the left. 

Writer, Getting to Intentional Blog

As an educator, misfit and non conformist I work to make a difference in all I do.  I live my life and grow my business ventures and projects by building connections, creating conversations and instigating collaborations. Every day I advocate for people who colour outside the lines for all the right reasons and for children (and adults) who don't fit within the cookie cutter systems that society has created.  I'm a dreamer and a risk taker. I frequently write about my journey toward living my live with 100% intention and generosity. Visit Getting to Intentional by clicking on the picture to the left.

Community Management, GeniusShared

Using a variety of strategies, I work with Liz Strauss, CEO of GeniusShared, to build online community for the entrepreneurial and personal development retreats that she facilitates in Chicago as well as in various other locations. Liz and I first met in 2011 through SOBCon.  

Conversationalist & Speaker

I'm frequently called upon to speak about issues related to building connections locally & globally, living & working with intention, practicing generosity in business and addressing work-life issues through unique workplace solutions. I also host live video conversations for client projects and for the the #45Conversations podcast.

Local & Global Collaborator

Working with colleagues around the world I'm involved in a number of interesting projects and initiatives. 2015 will see the launch of several new projects involving entrepreneurs, educators & creative agencies in multiple countries. Stay tuned for more details. 

Email - Jane Boyd at Jane @ 45Conversations dot com

Telephone - 604-807-0266

Twitter - @boydjane     Skype -  Jane.Boyd

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