I Choose To Own Today…You Can Too!

It’s a funny thing about life….we are always looking ahead; thinking about what is next.  We live our days looking to tomorrow, next week or even next year. Often, we think about what has passed us by and we think about what the future will bring. However, far too often we don’t think about the present moment that we are living in.  When this happens, we actually miss out on a great many things that are important.

I’ll let you in on a secret, for pretty much my whole life I have been waiting for something to happen. Honestly I’m not really sure what I have been waiting for; but nevertheless I have been waiting.  Recently,  I have come to realize that by waiting I am missing out on a lot. While patience is a virtue, waiting for life to happen is actually a pretty big mistake. The reality is that I own my life. It is my responsibility to claim it and make it be the very best that it can be.  Why would I wait any longer for it to happen?  Instead of waiting, now I am choosing to harness both my todays and my tomorrows.  While this may seem simple, in reality it has taken me many years to get to the place of understanding the importance of truly owning my life and ensuring that I am on track to making it exactly what I want it to be. So today is MY day….and every day after today as well.

Here are 7 reasons why today is MY day.  Perhaps, some of them will work in your life too.

  • Everyone says this…but it is true….life is short. Too short.  In the last few weeks, several people that I knew both in real life and online have left this world.  They left far too early and left many things undone that they had hoped to do.  The reality is that you just never know what tomorrow brings – so live in this moment right now and make your life the very best it can be.
  • In February I am practising generosity.  In doing this, I have adopted a whole new love of life.  I wake up each day looking for ways to be generous. By doing this, every day feels amazing to me – because I know that in some small way I will make a difference to someone.
  • In the work I do, I am surrounded by some pretty amazing people.  They care about each other and it shows.  I appreciate each of them, the talents that they bring to the table and the contributions that they make.  Today, they taught me something new.
  • On this day I have decided to commit to a regular blog writing schedule.  I am no longer planning to do this.  Today I have decided what it will be and I will follow through on that decision.
  • I am writing this right now.  I used to think about writing.  Now I write.  I am doing….not thinking about doing.  There is a difference and it matters.
  • Before this day is over I will have held the hand of a small child.  The work I do brings me into contact with young children on a frequent basis.  Holding a small hand always reminds me to slow down and be 100% present.  There really is no better feeling that being available in a moment when it is happening.
  • I have chosen to own my attitude for this day.  I know that what I put forward to others makes a difference.  I can choose to be hurried and inattentive or I can slow down and listen.

Is today YOUR day?  What are you doing to own today?

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