If I Don’t Reach My Goal – Have I Failed?

Late last month I wrote about my goal of writing 50 thousand words this month as part of Digital Writing Month.  Some 26 days later, I know that I won’t reach that goal; at least not in the way I had totally envisioned. Now, I could spend a lot of time feeling frustrated about this….but why?  I created this goal for myself, during what I knew was going to be a busy and hectic month. The reality is that I was probably overly enthusiastic and perhaps even a little too ambitious.

So the question is this; by not reaching my original goal – have I failed?  Perhaps yes….perhaps no.  I’m not going to agonize over it.  Instead, I’m celebrating the various things that I have done and that I will continue to do in the days to come.  Below is a List.ly of a selection of the various things that I have been working on this month.  Regardless of my word count, I’m producing content for various projects. I’m also being a lot more strategic in the way that I’m fitting everything together.

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Jane Boyd

Stuff I'm Working on for Digital Writing Month - November 2012 #digiwrimo

This is a collection of links to some of the things that I have been working on during Digital Writing Month - November 2012. I likely won't make my original goal of 50k words for the month - BUT - I have been fitting a lot of planning and writing in. If you would like to know more about Digital Writing Month you can check it out here:

Source: http://www.digitalwritingmonth.com/

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  1. Sound of 100

    An addition of this project to my website.

  2. 45 Conversations

    The addition of this page to my website.

  3. Why I’m Writing 50,000 Digital Words in November

    A post talking about why I am participating.

  4. Workplace & Community Child Care

    Workplace & Community Child Care, Helping Address Work-Life Issues

    I updated and modified this page on my website.

  5. Early Learning & Care Canada | Facebook

    Developed this new Facebook Page for Early Learning & Care Canada which is launching out under 45 Conversations this month.

  6. Early Learning & Care Canada — Face to Face & Online Professional Development for Educators

    A brand new website, blog and online community that will bring Canadian Early Childhood Educators, Early Learning Professionals and Parents together from Coast to Coast!

  7. Working from Anywhere – Intentionally

    I can work from anywhere. Intentionally.

  8. Online ProD for ECE's - We Are Ambitious!

    A post talking about our plans for Online Professional Development at Early Learning Canada

  9. Talking Upcoming Plans for Early Learning & Care Canada

    A post sharing more about our plans for Early Learning Canada.

  10. Crowd Sourced Reading of The Impact Equation

    In a recent conversation between my friends Nick Kellet and Paul O'Mahony, the idea of a crowd sourced audio reading of the book came up.

Are you participating in Digital Writing Month?  Will you reach your word goal?


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